Videos in demand!

I understand that many of the visitors from the RSG community crave for VIDEOS from us but are utterly disappointed. We, Derri & Angela, are more than willing to share with you the old videos that are no longer posted on the web. Nevertheless, our videos uploaded are once again deleted by the sharehouses. Due to the lack of capable sites, we are unable to put all the videos online.

Therefore, we are seeking for your help. Should you want any of the videos listed in the routine reviews collection OR in the archives, please e-mail us with the letter entitled "Video Request" and fill in the particulars. We will attempt to put back videos that are in high demand. If the videos are STILL available. we will certainly give you the URL location or assist you in the navigation.


We need your videos!

Meanwhile, we, the webmasters, are seeking your help as well URGENTLY to get more videos so that more routines can be written to meet the needs of everyone. Some videos, are in high demand (many requests), but we are also short of them.
Some of the video listings are: (TOP EIGHT) 1. Vitrichenko early routines (before 1996)
2. Routines from year 1993, 1994 and 1995
3. Lukyanenko's early routines
4. 1998 Routines
5. Almudena's 2000 Rope Routine, 1997 Ribbon Routine (i have lost it) and her early routines (before 1997)
6. Diana Popova's Routines



If you think that the RSG Routine Review Collection has helped you in one way or another, please help us by contributing videos to us and for the sake of the RSG community.

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