The year 2001 slips pass by a river flowing. 
It is time for a reflection. Therefore, in December, RSG Star Awards is held to award worthy RSG gymnasts.
Should you feel insulted, please leave because these are merely opinions, not truly facts.

RG Stars Award 2001
All awards decided by "Eyerena Vina"

Asian Star Awards: Zhong Ling & Ai Yokochi
N. + S. American Star Awards:
Jessica Howard & Anahi Sosa
Polish Star Award: Magdalena Markowska
Italian Star Award:
Laura Zacchilli
Spanish Star Award:
Almudena Cid
Belarussian Star Award:
Elena Ossiadovskaya
Bulgarian Star Award:
Elisabeth Paisieva
Ukrainian Star Award: Tamara Erofeeva
Russian Star Award: Alina Kabaeva

Scan-Dal Award: Irina Viner
Unlucky Charm Award: Anna Bessonova
Lucky Charm Award:
Alina Kabeva

Best Flexibility Award:
Aliya Yussopova
Best Pirouettes Award: Tamara Erofeeva
Best Balance Award: Olga Belova
Best Leaps Award: Irina Chachina

Newcomer Award: Simona Peycheva
Originality Award:
Almudena Cid
Artistry Award: Almudena Cid

Top 15 Rhythmic Gymnast 2001
Alina Kabaeva
Irina Chachina
Lyasan Utiasheva
Tamara Erofeeva
Anna Bessonova
Simona Peycheva
Elisabeth Paisieva
Inna Jukova
Elena Ossiadovskaya
Almudena Cid
Zhong Ling
Aliya Yussopova
Laura Zacchilli
Jessica Howard

Best Overall Award: Irina Chachina


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