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Fan sites

Yulia Barsukova's Fanpage by Dayang and Jonathan Wright

-Includes her profile, biography, interviews and reports. A handful of broken links though.

Yulia Barsukova's Fanpage by Rosa-Maria.

-Features Barsukova as a delicate as swan=).  Many beautiful pictures and a video directory available.

Amina Zaripova Fanpage by Lally

-Looks much better after massive changes and updates. Many videos available to be downloaded. Recommended.

Elena Vitrichenko Fanpage by Emi Martin

-An impressive toast to the "Queen of Berlin", a truly great gymnast. Good routine descriptions and depicts accurate accounts on past events. A good photo gallery on Vitrichenko.  Deserves high commendation.

Elena Vitrichenko Fanpage by Anton

-A new Vitrichenko fanpage. Great design but rather scarce in information.

Elena Vitrichenko Discussion Forum by Angy

-A place to talk all about Elena. Read the Elena recent news from there.

Ekaterina Serebrianskaya Fanpage by Nuria

-A webpage that provides rather detailed info on Serebrianskaya, including a music list too.

She's the Star, Alina Kabaeva by Dayang

-Another Dayang special. I prefer this fanpage as to the Barsukova one. Holds a large content and of course her own Alina videos. Interesting.

Alina Kabaeva Fanpage by Cecilia

-one of the best fanpages of Alina Kabeva. Being the Alina's super page, it contains neverending hyperlinks. Recommended webpage to visit.

Irina Chachina Fanpage by Maria

-Wealth of photographs on the rising rhythmic gymnast.

Larissa Loukyananko Fanpage by Rosa-Maria

-Another webpage by Rosa-Maria with a similar design as Barsukova Fanpage. Try visiting to learn more about the famous Belarussian gymnast.

Eva Serrano Fanpage by Eileen

-Brilliantly designed webpage. Gives frank opinions of Eva Serrano.

Eva Serrano Fanpage by Tazine

-Another webpage created by Tazine. For details, please visit the general RSG section.

Alexandrova Teodara Fanpage by Ana & Alejandro

-A special page on the fabulous RSG gymnast famous for her pivots and turns. Hope to see her reappearance in 2001 Worlds. Interesting and welcoming title: "This is teo!"

Irina Chachina Fanpage by

-A wonderful webpage with beautiful photos and good information for the star Chachina.


Photo Galleria

Tom Theobald's Photo Pages by Tom Theobald

-Extremely beautiful and clear pictures, but at a hefty price. Nevertheless, a MUST to visit.

Gymages by Patrick Tower

-Free beautiful photographs from the 1999-2001 season. Highly recommended.

Miwa's RG Photo Page by Miwa

-Pictures from Aeon Cup, Wacoal Cup and Brother Cup.

RSG Photopage by Barny

-Includes Photos CD too! Lots of beautiful pictures... though the navigation is difficult. Watch out for amazing shots from intenational tournaments, e.g. Schmiden, Ludwigsburg, Karlsruhe,Koblenz, Berlin , Deventer,Linz, Bratislava, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Bochum,Korneuburg,Saragossa,Verviers and Riesa 1996-2001

Stefan's Rhythmic Gymnastics Side by Stefan Richter

-Beautiful photos from mainly 1997 competitions. Look out for upcoming Berlin World Cup photos. 


Videos Colosseum

TD's Rhythmic Gymnastics Video Page by Thomas

-Offers a whole long lists of video routines. Recommended.

The Future Home of RSG by Alan Aartz, Lally, Valter etc.

-First choice for downloading videos. Wide coverage of videos and high quality 2001 Goodwill Games routines and of course World Championships.

Planet RSG Video Page by Olga Karmansky

-Download new 2001 routines here! (provided that sharehouse is still working)

RG Videos by Robert Smith

-Good quality 2001 Worlds videos. Mainly routines from the team competition.

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