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General Rhythmic Gymnastics Sites

Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics by Alexandra Kochann

  • the server may have shut down, sigh. Else, an excellent website complete with a RSG archives. Kochann has stopped updating it however.

Technical Discussion Page by Mario Lam? =)

  • a complete reference on the techniques, code of points of Rhythmic Gymnastics. House an active discussion forum.

The Rhythms of Rhythmic Gymnastics by Marianne Adams

  • a RSG galore! Loads of videos waiting to be downloaded.

Rhythmic Dreams by Marjan Krelbelj

  • good coverage of competitions. Includes a special section about RG photogaphy and drawing.

Inger Marit's Rhythmic Gymnastics Pages by Inger Marit Arnestad

  • Great fan pages for Maria Petrova and Larissa Lukyanenko, created by a Norwegian who passed away.


Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics by Lido Vinogradna

  • Good source of information on ukrainian rhythmic gymnastics, created by the junior champion Lido Vinogradna.

Tazine Gym/RSG pages by Anna Pomathiod

  • webpage with a unique starting page. Features include an overview on rsg as well as a special tribute to Eva Serrano.

Rhythmic Web by Melissa Haslam

  • a beautiful website. Wonderful pictures, wallpapers, videos, and even boasts of a Kabaeva Winamp skin to be downloaded. Highly recommended. 


RSG for the Unitiated by a Singaporean

  • an unusual and interesting webpage. Could not be accessed at the moment.  A must to visit!

Planet RSG

  • Under construction.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Centreb by Justin Stook

  • a pretty updated page. Worth checking out.



Gymnast Fan Pages










Yulia Barsukova's Fanpage by Dayang and Jonathan Wright

  • Includes her profile, biography, interviews and reports. A handful of broken links though.  

Yulia Barsukova's Fanpage by Rosa-Maria.

  • Features Barsukova as a delicate as swan=).  Many beautiful pictures and a video directory available.

Amina Zaripova Fanpage by Lally

  • Looks much better after massive changes and updates. Many videos available to be downloaded.  Recommended.

Elena Vitrichenko Fanpage by Emi Martin

  • An impressive toast to the "Queen of Berlin", a truly great gymnast. Good routine descriptions and depicts accurate accounts on past events. A good photo gallery on Vitrichenko.  Deserves high commendation.

Elena Vitrichenko Fanpage by Anton

  • according to the webmaster, it is under new construction and will have a new look. Another resource with regards to the Ukrainian gymnast.

Elena Vitrichenko Discussion Forum by Angy

  • a place to talk all about Elena. Read the Elena latest news from there.

Ekaterina Serebrianskaya Fanpage by Nuria

  • a webpage that provides rather detailed info on Serebrianskaya, including a music list too.

She's the Star, Alina Kabaeva by Dayang

  • Another Dayang special. I prefer this fanpage as to the Barsukova one. Has a large content and of course her own Alina videos. Interesting.

Alina Kabaeva Fanpage by Cecilia

  • one of the best fanpages of Alina Kabeva. Being the Alina's super page, it contains neverending hyperlinks. Recommended webpage to visit.

Irina Chachina Fanpage by Maria

  • no index page, but we can see that there is a wealth of photographs of the rising rhythmic gymnast that can be downloaded.

Larissa Loukyananko Fanpage by Rosa-Maria

  • Another webpage by Rosa-Maria with a similar design as Barsukova Fanpage. Try visiting to learn more about the famous Belarussian gymnast.

Eva Serrano Fanpage by Eileen

  • Brilliantly designed webpage. Gives frank opinions of Eva Serrano. Recommeded.

Eva Serrano Fanpage by Tazine

  • Another webpage created by Tazine. For details, please visit the general RSG section.  

Alexandrova Teodara Fanpage by Ana & Alejandro

  • A special page on the fabulous RSG gymnast famous for her pivots and turns. Hope to see her reappearance in 2001 Worlds. Interesting title: "This is teo!"


Professional Photo Pages






Tom Theobald's Photo Pages by Tom Theobald

  • Extremely beautiful and clear pictures, but at a hefty price.

Gymages by Patrick Tower

  • free beautiful photographs from the 1999-2001 season. Highly recommended.

Miwa's RG Photo Page by Miwa

  • pictures from Aeon Cup, Wacoal Cup and Brother Cup

RSG Photopage by Barny

  • includes Photos CD too! Lots of beautiful pictures... though the navigation is a tad difficult. Watch out for amazing shots from intenational tournaments, e.g. Schmiden, Ludwigsburg, Karlsruhe,Koblenz, Berlin , Deventer,Linz, Bratislava, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Bochum,Korneuburg,Saragossa,Verviers and Riesa 1996-2001  






The Rhythms of Rhythmic Gymnastics by Marianne Adams

  • your first choice of webpage to visit if you want to download rsg videos. Boasts a collection of HUNDREDS of videos. Recommended.

Rhythmic Web by Melissa Haslam

  • Has a multimedia area where videos are updated rather frequently. The quality of the videos vary though.

TD's Rhythmic Gymnastics Video Page by TD=)

  • offers a whole long lists of video routines from Gazprom Grand Prix Moscow 2000, 2000 Russian Cup and Euro Team Champs 2001. You require ICQ or AOL instant messenger to download. Recommended.'s Video Page by Lally

  • videos of famous gymnasts in the 95-96 season are available. Wide coverage of the 96 Olympics.

Planet RSG Video Page by Olga

  • download new 2001 routines here! A must to visit...

Future Home of Ekaterina Serebrianskaya & The Sport of RSG by Alan Aartz

  • has Serebrianskaya's 96 Ball Routine, Elena 95 Messe Cup Ball Routine as well as Amina's routines.


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