Competition results

Finnish National Championships
     Late March 2002

Individual: AA Finals (Seniors)
AA Finals (Junior)

AA Finals (Seniors)

Rank Name


1 Akkonen, Ksenija  92.468

Saresvirta, Sanni


Lavikainen, Saila

4 Heikkila, Titta 85.667
5 Lax, Suvi 82.233
6 Manni, Noora 75.633


AA Finals (Junior)

Rank Name



Ringinen, Maria

2 Palviainen, Vivia 84.750
3 Saresvirta, Marleena 83.183
4 Niemi, Annika 78.249
5 Ahonen, Silja 75.215
6 Miknalainen, Ronja 74.951

Akkonen also took all four apparatus medals.

She is 15 years old, born on July 19, 1986 in Lipetski, Russia. She is 163 cm tall
and weighs 45 kg. Her family moved to Finland five years ago and she became a
Finnish citizen this year. (Her grandmother is one of the Finnish-speaking Russian minority). Her family name used to be Karpova, I assume they changed it upon moving.

She trains at the club Olarin Voimistelijat and her coach is Anneli Laine. She
is hoping to make it to the Olympics and possibly to earn a spot in the finals.