1992 Olympic Games
Quality: Good, competition in black and whtie
Source: French TV
Time length: 2 hrs 45 minutes
Special: Montages for all routines. Training from home video.

At the training center     Quality: Average, PAL     Length: 45 min
Very useful to learn how the champions train.
Oksana Skaldina
Alexandra Timochenko
Maria Petrova


Olympic Games     Quality: Good, SECAM    Length: 2 hrs
Maria Petrova BUL Rope 9.575
Carolina Pascual ESP Rope 9.650
E. Bialkowska POL Hoop 9.400
Joanna Bodak POL Hoop 9.450
Oksana Skaldina URS Hoop 9.725
S. Ferrari ITA Hoop -
Alexandra Timochenko URS Rope 9.950
Maria Petrova BUL Hoop 9.700
Diana Popova BUL Hoop 9.550
Carmen Acedo ESP Hoop 9.600
Leuka Oulehlova TCH Hoop 9.325
Carolina Pascual ESP Hoop 9.600
Alexandra Timochenko URS Hoop 9.950
Oksana Skaldina URS Ball 9.650
Diana Popova BUL Ball 9.550
Jana Sramkova TCH Ball 9.275
Carmen Acedo ESP Ball 9.550
Maria Petrova BUL Ball 9.525
Lenka Oulehlova TCH Ball 9.450
Alexandra Timochenko URS Ball 9.700
Joanna Bodak POL Ball -
Irina Deleanu ROM Ball 9.450
Carolina Pascual ROM Ball 9.775
Alexandra Timochenko URS Clubs 9.950
Irene Germini ROM Clubs 9.300
C. Klumpp GER Clubs 9.250
Oksana Skaldina URS Clubs 9.750
Maria Petrova BUL Clubs 9.575
Carolina Pascual ESP Clubs 9.775
Carmen Acedo ESP Clubs 9.325
Oksana Skaldina* URS Rope 9.525
Carmen Acedo* ESP Rope -
Alexandra Timochenko* URS Rope 9.950

*PAL format