21st March Updated links section
Added 1 video.
- Gontar 95 Ball
2nd March New layout for index page
Added 2 videos.
Timochenko 90 Ball
- Vitrichenko 96 Ball
1st February Added February special feature
Added 3 videos.
- Kabaeva 98 Ribbon
- Kabaeva 99 Ribbon
- Ralenkova 83 Clubs
29th January New index layout!
27th January Added 3 more videos: Alina Kabaeva 2000 Gym Gala, Petrova 1991 Clubs and Timochenko 1988 Hoop
21st January Added Barsoukova's 2000 Hoop Video
20th January Added Vitrichenko's 2000 Rope Video
Updated the archive section.
12th January RSG Routine Review Collection is given another award: the Kostikal Award. Thanks to Olga and Bernard.
Added Raskina's 2000 Rope Routine
10th January Lesser updates till March...
Added small updates, eg the anti-popups programs, Vitrichenko 98 Hoop photo, music titles etc. Thank you everyone for the support.
25th December Added Yulia Raskina's section
Added Raskina's 99-00 Ball Routine.
19th December Added the videos section
Added Chaschina's 1997 Clubs Routine.
8th December Added Chaschina's 1995 Ball Routine. Netscape version available.
Added Irina Chaschina's Collection
6th December Added a new mailing list
5th December Added Teodora's 1997 Hoop Routine.
2nd December Added Timochenko's 1988 Hoop Routine. Netscape version available.
Added the video of Elena 1991 Clubs
30th November Added December Special Feature: RG Star Awards
Updated Links section (including Hot Picks)
Updated Almudena Cid's Profile
Added Almudena Cid's 1999-2000 Rope Routine
29th November Added Almudena Cid's 2001 Ball Routine. Netscape version available.
25th November Added Erofeeva's 2001 Ball Routine's Netscape/PFV version
Added Peycheva's 2001 Ball Routine. Netscape version available.
22th November Added Erofeeva's 2001 Ball Routine
18th November Added Moustafina's 1998 Clubs Routine
15th November Added Kabaeva's 1997 Ball Routine 
11th November Added Petrova's 1991 Clubs Routine
Added Abramia's Collection
Added Abramia's 1996 Ball Routine
10th November Added Zhong Ling's Colllection
Added Zhong Ling's 2001 Ball Routine
8th November Added Howard's 2001 Ball Routine
Added Kabaeva's 2001 Hoop Routine
7th November Added Elena's 1997-1998 Ribbon Routine.
5th November Started an updating of video list.
November special feature: Madrid 2001 World Championships' Photo Gallery
4th November Added Petrova's 1993-1994 Hoop Routine
3rd November Added Almudena's 1996 Rope Routine
2nd November Added Almudena's 1996-1997 Ribbon Routine
Added Elena's 1994 Clubs Routine
Added Barsoukova's 1995-1996 Ball Routine
Added Lukyanenko's 1996 Ball Routine
1st November Added Timochenko's 1991 Ball Routine
31st October Added Elena's 1991 Clubs Routine
30th October Uploaded 2 more videos! Surprise awaits!
Proud to announce that after all my hard work, I have been rewarded the "Elegance Award" from Tazine's Gym Page.
Added Barsoukova's 1999 Ball Routine
29th October Added the Videos Collection Page
28th October Added Barsoukova's 2000 Ball Routine.
Added Elena's 1997-1998 Hoop Routine
27th October Added Elena's 1994 Ball Routine
26th October

Uploaded two videos, to be revealed soon. Thank you Olya for the videos.
Please do not use the pull-down menu to view the routines. The links are wrong again.

24th October Updated Batyrchina's 1995-1996 Clubs Routine
Updated the routine collection list
22nd October Added Edita Schaufler's 1997 Clubs Routine
21st October Added Almudena Cid's 1995-1996 Clubs Routine
20th October Added Andreyeva's 2001 Rope Routine.
19th October Added the disclaimer.
Remade the RSG cards section.
Added Batyrchina's 1995-1996 Clubs Routine
18th October Updated the videos in demand. Please visit there.
Added the polls section.
Added Yulia Barsoukova's 2000 Rope Routine.
17th October Added Lukyanenko's Routine Collection
Added Popova's 1997-1998 Clubs Routine
Added Popova's Routine Collection
Added Bessonova's 1999-2000 Ribbon Routine
Added Bessonova's Routine Collection
16th October Added Peycheva's Routine Collection
Added Peycheva's 2001 Hoop Routine.
Added Lukyanenko's Clubs Routine.
15th October Added Erofeeva's 2000 Hoop Routine.
Added Erofeeva's Routine Collection
Added Teodora's 1998-2000 Hoop Routine
Remade the links section
14th October Added Elena's 1999-2000 Rope Routine 1.
Added Elena's Covered Hoop Exhibition Routine
Added Teodora's 1998-1999 Ribbon Routine.
13th October Added Almudena Cid and Yulia Barsoukova Routine Collection
Added 1998-2000 video archives.
Added Elena's Flower Club Exhibition routine.
12th October 2001 Added Elena Vitrichenko, Almudena Cid and Yanina Batyrchina Routine Collection
Created new vid caps, namely Elena 96 Ball and Basoukova 00 Ball
11th October 2001 Added a new routine reviews section
10th October 2001 A new advertising banner as well as our banner logo
A new Updates section
9th October 2001 Added the about section
Added the archives section
Early October 2001 Changing a new design look
August - October 2001 Under massive construction right now.... still experimenting
1st July 2001 Added the exclusive RSG greeting cards.
Photos available in the site now.
31st June 2001 Added the links section
29th June 2001 Added the guest book. Air your opinions here.
Added a new routine - Vitrichenko 96 rope routine
27th June 2001 Added a new routine -  Almudena 2000 hoop routine
26th June 2001 Launched a web video navigation
25th June 2001 A revamp of webpages
Added a new routine - Batyrchina 96 ball routine
22th June 2001 Added two new routines - Barsoukova 2000 hoop routine & Elena 96 ball routine
21st June 2001 RSG Routine Review Collection page is set up!

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