1996 Ball Routine

Ekaterina Abramia Collection

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To many of the RSG fans, Abramia’s name may sound unfamiliar. In spite of her brilliant performances, she has often been underscored and overlooked by us. A simple routine report by me would have proven wise.

I especially love her ball routine in the 1996 Olympics, often awed by this lovely performance put up. It may not be technically superb or tough, but the choreography exhibited truly captures my heart.

The music chosen wise is expressive and emotional. The chimes from the background music (here almost resembling treble clef) and grave orchestra really allow one to imagine leisurely and makes one wonder. It is sad that in Madrid 2001 Worlds, I see rhythmic gymnasts merely showing their techniques and fulfilling COPs, perpetually neglecting, not appreciating their choice of music instead of performing gracefully. It is no wonder the artistry mark is so low.

Abramia begins with an elegant pose, sitting with her bent legs opened, hands stretched out and her head looking up. After beginning with a flexibility move, she places the ball on her back to execute a quick scale. Should you doubt her difficulty then, she opens quickly with her first big throw. After effecting a split leap (frontal) into a roll, Abramia catches the ball at her right side with a great poise and confidence. She gets up with an MG kick as she rolls the ball down her hand.

Here she accompanies the gentle music well, bouncing the ball as she steps backwards gracefully and gives a large roll of ball across. When the soothing theme enters, Abramia gradually raises her free leg to form a vertical balance and then a spagat as she rolls the ball down again. Considerably an effective display of balance.

Next, she releases the ball a second time, catching it as she performs a split ring leap. Her third throw follows almost immediately after. She executes a turning split leap and catches the ball confidently. Not to be outdone, after frolicking the ball, Abramia throws the ball another time, executes a few turns and passé pivots (if I am not wrong).

Upon grabbing the ball, Abramia continues with a vertical balance into a perfect back flexion. Her few turns subsequently certainly show her amazing grace. She persists to show her excellent execution when she performs a perfect double leg up pivot.

When the emotional music reaches its climax, Abramia releases the ball, performs a split leap when it bounces and catches in a double stag ring leap position. All these precise timings and little touches do create effects. Another small throw follows suit, in which she releases the ball and collects it when she completes an illusion. Perhaps the illusion can be a little bit better.

As the music signals a coming to an end, she shows her execution with her perfect combination of leg up pivots into attitude spins (as in P). She performs so confidently that I can be sure she must have practiced hard.

As the mysterious music chimes, Abramia makes a complete roll of the ball down her body and vice versa. Indeed beautiful.

Though not the best of the best, Abramia has shown her potential. I suggest gymnasts that have horrible music and unelegant moves to think some sense after watching this routine.


Little Susie

Major scores:

Corbeil AA: 9.475
Kalamata AA: 9.250 - 12th
Olympics AA: 9.250
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