1995-1996 Clubs Routine 

Almudena Cid Tostado Collection

Beautiful starting position

Almudena 1995-1996 clubs routine is a MUST to watch because it is not only unique, but also thrilling. It is undeniably my favourite clubs routine (or rather one of my) in the 1996 Olympic games. Brilliantly choreographed, the routine surely wows the audience and the judges. Should you doubt so, try watching the video now.

The music chosen, having a bit of oriental and Spanish taste creates an excellent overall effect with the help of the woodwind instrument. Almudena’s starting position is beautiful, sitting in a split position with one of her clubs underneath her bent leg. The starting of the music already attracts everyone due to its sonority and expressiveness. It is great that she uses the clubs well at the beginning, making mill circles etc. with expressions. Some pivot and balance moves followed suit, for e.g. the vertical spagat into a back scale.

As the music brightens, Almudena performs her first large throw. She throws a club when she performs a split leap, then a stag leap into a roll, and taps the clubs with her right leg.

It is commendable that the routine follows and blends into the delightful music perfectly. She performs her second throw, releasing the clubs at different heights, executing a double stag leap to grab the first club and continuously makes a illusion and catches the second club. Indeed a difficult combination. Almudena carries on with some interesting poses and a double passé pivot. Following that, she performs an arching split leap and an arching double stag leap, both high up in the air. She gives her third risky throw, turning 360 degrees and then performs a roll to catch the clubs. Here she displays her accuracy of her throws.

As Almudena neared the conclusion, she performs a spectacular and original trick. She begins with a double stag leap with a deep arch and continues circling the clubs. Here comes the exciting part. She allows a circling club to rotate across her legs and which falls in between the rear side of her feet. I maybe not totally comprehend the process, but I must admit it is fabulous.

As for the conclusion, Almudena opts to perform her own original and risky combination throw. She throws a club first, the latter when she performs a split leap, and catches one after a roll and the second one after yet another roll. When Almudena performs, it seems as if the clubs routine is so free and easy. Both the routine and its music reach their climax and finishes, leaving the audience spellbound.

As clubs apparatus is her best apparatus (I suppose), the throws and tricks are also arguably magnificent and thrilling. It is sad that the judges who underscored this routine have often neglected her. Nevertheless, Almudena is always popular and always deserves a medal in our hearts.


Devojko Mari Hubava

Major scores:

1996 France Telecom: 9.733 - 5th
Happy Rhythmic Days: 9.700 - 1st
Inter. Tournament: 9.750 - 1st
Olympics AA : 9.683 - 9th
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