2000 Hoop Routine

Almudena Cid Tostado Collection

If you are hoping to find a truly original and breathtaking hoop routine, here is the perfect routine -- Almudena 2000 Hoop. I have always expected something special in this routine after watching her hoop routine during the 97-98 season. Brilliantly choreographed, Almudena danced to the music "Moon's Waterfalls" (I particularly love the music). She made a good choice of music - something many gymnasts lack of. Even the choreography is amazingly adapted to the music perfectly.  No doubt, this hoop routine is a crowd favourite. 

Almudena started her hoop routine with two split balances. She sat down on the floor and continued with a series of small movements, one in which she threw the hoop with her right leg and catching it with her legs after a backwards roll. The next throw element is perhaps the most risky and original one. She caught the hoop in between the legs horizontally after effecting a turning split leap. Impressive! Another spectacular element is the one in which she threw the hoop, did a unassisted side split pivot and caught it in between her legs at the back. Risking indeed. Near to the end of her routine, she caught the hoop while effecting a split leap. Finally she had an non-catch leg spin and caught it with her legs. Her final position (shown above) is beautiful. She bent her legs so that the hoop held by her raised foot and her neck.

Drama was included (as always by almudena) which enhance her performances. It is a pity she was underscored grossly in the Sydney Olympics. She placed 5th in the 2000 European Championships with a score of 9.966. Remarkable achievements.

Photo adapted from Reuters


Moon's Waterfalls

Major scores:

Olympic: 9.725 - 9th
Europeans: 9.983 - 5th
Worlds' :
Vid Cap

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