1999-2000 Rope Routine by Emi Martin

Almudena Cid Tostado Collection

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I like this routine very much because of its expressiveness and artistry. This is a great example that shows how much Almudena improved her expression through the years and also demonstrates her talent to make an excellent interpretation under any kind of music.

Both choreography and elements are very original, Almudena  effects very good balances and spins but doesn't only demonstrate her physical qualities, also an incredible apparatus handling including a difficulty with the rope in each balance or pirouette. For instance, almost at the beginning of the routine Almudena does grand eccart spin without stopping moving the rope and later the balance pictured on the right, again keeping the rope in movement.
Following the music Almudena dances gracefully, does a very good catch-leg spin and a back bend.

Of course, there's also risk in this exercise,  along the diagonal of the carpet Almudena makes  throws the rope in an split leap and catches it in while effecting a double-stag jump. After that, Almu does a walk-over on elbows backwards but making it different, she leaves the rope on her left foot and then grabs it again. There, we listen another change of the rhythm where Almudena's elegant posses and movements truly suit the music, as a result, we don't only see a gymnast on the carpet, we also see an ARTIST!!

After some small jumps and a split leap through the rope, Almudena does another balance tossing the rope with great mastery and also effects her original side split spin turning the rope around her leg.

Almudena created two different endings for this routine and also two different breathtaking throws. Both of them are shown on the photos below, the one on the left shows the ending position that Almudena used to do in 1999 and early 2000, and the final position pictured below on the left is the she effected at the Olympics in Sydney.

Almu did very well at the Rope final in Osaka Worlds, the audience loved her magnificent performance. Yet, judges had other preferences so Almudena placed 7th.  The important thing is that she did a great competition and her routine is highly appreciated by the public, it's a piece of art!


The Eternal Triangle, the execution

Major scores:

1999 Europeans AA: 9.833 - 11th
Worlds Event Final: 9.766 - 7th
2000 Opale Cup Rope Final: 2nd
Europeans AA: 9.916 - 8th
Olympics AA: 9.750 - 9th
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Thank you Emi Martin for the lovely routine.
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