1995-1996 Ball Routine

Yulia Barsoukova Collection

The graceful swan

Barsoukova’s 1995-1996 ball routine should be her debut performing to the song “The Swan” by Saint-Saëns. Since then, she has captured all audience with her enchanting and classy moves in the ball routine. Though her early routine may not have reached her peak, one will hardly overlook it.

Barsoukova tends to wear a white unitard for this routine at that time. It is considerably gorgeous, well resembling a swan though I prefer her leotard in the 1999-2000 seasons to a great extent.

Barsoukova begins the routine with graceful moves that remind me of a peaceful swan. This is a good way to capture the attention of everyone. Slowly but skillfully, she next raises her right leg up to form a vertical spagat while the ball is supported on her leg. She performs her routine expressively, even as she executes a large roll of the ball.

Her first large throw is a rather commonly seen but tricky one: a triple turn to catch the ball while executing a back flexion. She executes yet a consecutive throw, effecting an illusion turn to get the ball under her legs in a seated position. She performs a back roll to change into a flexibility position with the ball clung onto her leg.  She continues with more flexibility elements to prepare for her trademark: holding the ball on her leg as she stands up, and allowing it to roll down the body in a scale balance position (now termed F3302).

The third large throw is an interesting one. She makes a reverse throw as she quickly executes a back catch balance, and turns back to perform a Russian Cossack jump as the ball bounces on the mat before she catches it. Her hands and face expressions displayed here must have really touched all of us. Once again, she shows her absolute control as she continues by performing a perfect unassisted leg up pivot to stop in a vertical spagat.

Before the music signals the approaching conclusion, she effects a throw, when performing a arching split leap and catches the ball in a double stag ring leap position. Her final throw is beautiful too, throwing the ball and advancing swiftly into a back catch balance, finally catching the ball on her back.

As the routine draws conclusion, Barsoukova performs a double attitude spin and gradually falls down onto the mat, as if a swan has ceased to exist.

Sadly, Barsoukova’s country representatives overshadowed her despite her superior routines, as the reality-blind judges fail to notice her. Nevertheless, through her perseverance, she climbed her way to reign supreme. The swan has succeeded.


The Swan by Saint-Saëns

Major scores:

1995 Tournament AA: 9.550 - 1st
Deventer Cup: 9.800 - 4th
1996 Gym. Masters AA: 9.749 - 5th
Grand Prix Finale AA: 9.950 - 5th
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