2000 Hoop Routine

Yulia Barsoukova Collection

Indeed a brilliant routine! After much intense training, the much "controversial" gold medallist,  Barsoukova had proven that her hoop routine had reached greater heights and matured much. Apart from a minor execution error, I would say the routine is relatively clean and precise.

Barsoukova started off with a toe balance, with her left leg arched over, trapping a colourful between her body and leg.  This awesome action demonstrates great control and flexibility-- elements that would permeate throughout her routine.

Her later actions, such as a sudden leg split and a strenuous backbend, are too commendable.  Although a slight lose of control over the backbend could be discerned, but the overall presentation is noteworthy.  I, especially like her artful vertical pivot, of which she swirled her hoop as she swiveled.  Besides, her balancing of the hop with her leg, executed in her vertical split position, is highly impressive.  This skill depicts powerful control in beautiful toe point.

Alas, it is a pity that the routine lacks original tosses.  Also, her throws are few, albeit the difficulty sometimes portrayed during her catches.  Overall, her performance is great.  Beautiful choreography mixed with dark, brooding and mysterious music,  Barsoukova scores with her routine. 



Major scores

Olympics: 9.900 - 1st
World Cup: 9.850 - 1st 
Europeans: 10.000 - 3rd
Deventer: 9.967 - 4th
Vid Cap



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