1995-1996 Ball Routine

Yanina Batyrchina Collection

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Wow! I simply love this beautiful ball routine... In my opinion, it is Yana's best ball routine (1995-1996), in which she combined amplitude, elegance, flexibility and innovation all into one. No one will doubt it as a very original and spectacular routine. 

Yana started with a flexiblity position and did a back bend variation, a wonderful and highly difficult combination. Next she rolled the ball across her hands and chest. Following that, she placed her ball on her leg and did a vertical split balance. She then turned 270 degrees and ended off with a back bend, all in total control. Yana continued by toss the ball and did two graceful split leaps before catching the ball with one hand.

In the middle of her routine, the music changes into a lively mood. Here Yana did several throws continuously. She started out with a total body wave from her knees. The next element is one of my favourites. Yana held the ball between her legs and skillfully did a double stag jump while her ball flew up. A lovely and original element! Later she even successfully performed a double unassisted side split pivot. She then threw the ball and caught on her back during a pike jump.

Yana scored a 9.983 for her ball routine in the 96 Europeans Championship and earned a silver medal. Highly recommended routine to watch. Be awed by her brillant cheoreography, her perfection in leaps and jumps and of course her smile.



Major scores:

1995 Euro Cup*: 9.925 - 3rd
1995 Alfred Vogel: 9.950 - 2nd
1995 Worlds: 9.950 - 1st:
1996 Olympic: 9.916 - 2nd
Kalamata Cup: 2nd
Europeans: 9.983 - 2nd
France Telecom: 9.933 - 2nd
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*European Cup Final

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