1995-1996 Clubs Routine

Yanina Batyrchina Collection

Starting position

You have just stumbled upon a largely familiar clubs routine – Batyrchina’s 95-96 clubs routine. It is an energetic and lively presentation. Throughout the routine, do check out her beautiful smile, astounding flexibility (more so), amazing tricks employed in it. Anyone with senses who watches this routine should be able to be interested in it. If you do not believe, look at the routine and prove me wrong if possible.

Yana starts the routine with a smile, standing in a fine position with her clubs raised up. As the music starts, she begins with a vertical spagat and then an attitude and steps to the edge of the carpet elegantly while making mill circles on the clubs. Here she makes her first spectacular move: a chain of triple split leaps across the carpet diagonally, with her second and third leap with a deep arch. The jumps are definitely high and beautifully shaped. A variety of clubs’ tricks that are well blended into the bright music follows suit. She does a trademark Russian Cossack jump following that (hey look at the way she crosses the clubs). The second throw she utilizes involves a split leap and then a side split leap. What adds up to the difficulty is that she catches both clubs separately, one after each jump. The convinced audience now joins in by clapping to the beat of the music. She performs a flexibility move (F3401) and gets up with a body wave but does a throw simultaneously. This illustrated the great choreography of the routine.

As the mood of the music slightly quiets down, Batyrchina executes her trademark balance combination: putting one club on her upper feet in a vertical balance position and slides it down when she performs a back scale. This move is quite brilliant considering the fact that she controls well.

The music now advances to its climax. Similarly, Yana seems to be displaying her difficulty to her climax as well. She performs her controlled 720/1080 degrees leg up pivots and into double  pivots. She makes her third throw; executing a split leap, turns a round, and catch with ease in a split leap position. I can consider this rather risky as it is almost a blind catch. Subsequently, she makes a sequence of leg up pivots. As for her conclusion, Batyrchina makes her riskiest throw, one that her fans are praying fervently for. She performs a sideways flip into a MG kick, or a Ralenkova (heard it somewhere) and catches both clubs.

Batyrchina’s 1996 Clubs Routine certainly helps her to earn a precious Olympics silver medal. A 9.933 given to this routine is the second highest in the Games. Though the score reflected might too high as Vitrichenko’s perfect clubs routine only achieved a mere 9.849, it is a deserving and commendable clubs routine that all fans, including me will truly cherish.


Appearance of Kitri, Kitri

Major scores:

1995 Alfred Vogel: 9.975 - 2nd
1995 Euro Cup*: 9.900 - 2nd
1996 Kalamata Cup: 3rd
1996 Olympics AA: 9.933 - 2nd
Vid Cap





*European Cup Final

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