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While everyone is amazed with the popular Tchachina routines, I think it is also nice to take a look at the time when she is young: a tiny but elegant 1995 ball routine. I think the most part of this routine is its expressiveness and high artistry.

Listen carefully to the beautiful background music. Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” violin concerto is so popular that even royal kings use them as their main themes. By using this music, Chachina has brilliantly achieved the best effect for a good and elegant routine.

Chachina starts off from her pose by rolling the ball from her neck down her supporting (at the back), releasing it down her body as she opens up her free leg to form a scale balance. After transferring the ball round her supporting leg, she rises to a ring balance and finally straightens her free leg to form a back catch balance (with the ball tucked in between leg and body). After a penche variation balance and an arching double stag leap, Chachina tosses the ball elegantly and lightly, catching it easily while performing a switch split leap with deep arch. I like her leaps a lot simply because of her long and striking legs.

Next, she performs a quick Timochenko/ legmount supported on knee before lying on the floor. Here, she allows the ball to roll vertically down her body full length, trapping the ball on her legs and rolling it back. Subsequently, she makes a big lunge into a 2/3 x 360 arabesque pivots, stopping at a flexibility position. (P3002, rated E now!) Getting up from a body wave, Chachina tosses the ball again as the music turns loud suddenly. Here, she does a switch split leap into a roll, catching the ball simultaneously when she finishes a MG kick.

The music has reached one of the most expressive parts. Chachina did not miss it too, well expressing her inner world. Of course, she also includes her elements, like the not so good legmount (has to bend her supporting leg first) into a back flexion. She releases the ball again, but this time when she performs a split ring leap and catching the ball behind her back when she executes a side split leap.

Chachina continues the excitement with more interesting combinations, for example her double arabesque spins into flex position (P3002) and immediate a body wave up. Simultaneously, she rolls the ball down with her head. Theses moves are very beautiful and stylish. Original too! Of course, Chachina never fails to express well.

Coming to a conclusion, Chachina performs two throws. The first toss is tricky but often performed: toss; 2 times turning split leap; catch. The final toss is her favourite: a double illusion to get the ball on a back bend. This is definitely not easy in 1995! She concludes emotionally.

Getting up, the background music changes its theme, reaching the middle section. Chachina tosses the ball, turns thrice to trap the ball between her hands and her neck.

The touching routine certainly reminds me of a beautiful and balletic swan dancing on the calm waters.

The routine may not be much spectacular or technically as difficult as her present ones, but it is calm, fluent, emotional and meaningful, which is what I love about rhythmic gymnastics.


The Four Season: Summer

Major scores:

Russian Champs: 9.500
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