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Tamara Erofeeva 2001 Ball Routine
(Worlds Version)

- 1999-2000 Hoop Routine - 2001 Ball Routine -

Hijack from MI2 / Theme from Skulls

Deruigina Cup: 26.350 - 4th
Gym. Masters: 27.725 - 2nd
Thiais Tour.: 26.584 - 4th
Europeans: 27.050 - 5th
Mobiltel Int.: 28.550 - 2nd
Aeon Cup: AA 3rd
Worlds: 25.700 - 5th

Erofeeva has a beautiful 2001 ball routine, one that charms everyone. The contrasting music (soothing versus loud) is really pleasant listen to and Erofeeva has artfully combined artistry to her music. Her graceful movements in this ball routine definitely capture the audience.

Erofeeva likes to wear a beautiful white (almost) leotard for this routine. It is also one of the rare leotards that I like in 2001. It not matches Erofeeva’s slim body, but also the routine.

Holding ball up in ring balance, she poses a striking starting position. When an abrupt exciting music begins, she releases the ball immediately, performs a double illusion to catch ball between two hands in the kneeling position. This difficult catch is one of her usual throws that she employs, including the earlier seasons.

Getting up, Erofeeva places the ball on her back, performs a 720 degrees ring balance. (Into a fish balance? if I am not wrong) Throwing the ball from the back, she kneels down on the floor elegantly together with the ball tucked between her legs. Jointly with the silent and peaceful music accompanied, she exhibits her dexterity as she displays some large rolls of the ball across her body.

Standing up, she performs a scale balance with the ball on her back, which transforms into a ring balance. Here, she displays her dexterity again by rolling the ball over both arms again. This is followed quickly by an arching of back as well as a wave (F4003). Not to be outdone, she follows with another large roll of the ball over both arms, but this time with a turning Cossack jump.

It is here that she displays her most spectacular element as the stirring music enters. She performs her favourite pirouette – attitude spins. Frequently, she pivots four times. But at the Worlds, she has even further wowed everyone with a five times attitude pivot. It looks really gorgeous and amazing. She ends the combination with a final ring pivot and then a double stag ring leap.

Next, she releases the ball under her leg as she executes a split ring leap and catches confidently. Her next throw is a commonly seen one: she throws the ball, rolls twice to catch it in her hands.

After all the excitement, the music turns peaceful now. Here Erofeeva makes a large roll of ball over both arms in kneeling position, displaying dexterity as she frolics the ball. Placing the ball on her arms, she does a walkover, stopping at the back scale. Here, she pirouettes again (yes, very beautiful, aided by her elasticity) and executes a leg up pivot and then a side leg up pivot.

Near to the end of the routine, Erofeeva shows her difficulty and good techniques by finishing her elements. First, she does a full turning double stag ring leap and then two half turning double stag ring leap. Subsequently, she releases the ball for a little throw, catching it in a back flexion. Standing back, she bounces the ball on the ball as she does a double stag ring jump. A few more pivots, like the MG pivot and the scale pivot follow suit before the routine comes to an end.

In the Europeans, Erofeeva has some variations in the routine. For example, she has an extra element of kicking the ball up with a double stag ring leap at the start of the routine. Instead of her double roll throw, she throws the ball, does a split into a roll before catching the ball between her hands. Her order of arrangements of the elements is different too. Nevertheless, they are all enjoyable.


Copyright 2001 Angela & Derri See