1998 Clubs Routine 

Assel Moustafina Collection

This is a highly popular routine that is arguably Moustafina’s best routine in 1998. It is certainly enjoyable and adds enthusiasm to the audiences. She is funky yet elegant, not forgetting her everlasting smile.

The music: “Ole Guapa”, is also a great choice that is commonly sought by rhythmic gymnasts. Light-hearted and energetic, it certainly adds liveliness and colour to the routine.

Tucking the clubs at both sides of her waist, Moustafina poses a proud standing position, looking up confidently. At the start of the music, she dives a club on the floor and uses her right feet to kick the club vertically down. With a splendid flexibility combination (F), she retrieves the equipment. Getting up from a split (and again any flexibility element), she performs a back flexion with balance on the knee.

Standing up, Moustafina stops in a vertical spagat, milling the clubs away. She releases a club for a big throw, doing a turning split ring leap to catch in a double stag ring leap. Thanks to her flexibility, these leaps and pivots look so easy too!

Next, she displays passé pivots into back catch pivot as the lively music theme begins. Moustafina performs so simply to the music that even the audiences seem to relax after watching.

Circling, milling and frolicking with the clubs, Moustafina reaches an edge of the carpet where she effects a turning double stag ring leap. After milling and transferring the clubs, she gives a second toss under the leg as she performs a split leap, rolling once to catch the club. Not an easy throw, she has managed it well. She gets up with a fully controlled MG kick.

When the music changes into A minor, Moustafina cleverly makes use of the constant background drumming. For example, her rhythmic jump to open a front legmount as well as her funky moves exhibited then. She shows a high Cossack jump (very flexible) as she heads towards the edge of the floor.

Subsequently, Moustafina also has a spectacular element. She executes an assisted legmount and pivots once to stop in the legmount position. She repeats the element again before she pivots a third time. Not to be outdone, she stops at a toe balance after the combination.

Next, Moustafina gives a high toss of a club, performing a split ring leap and a double stag ring leap to catch it. Here, she does a perfect back flexion again. She continues with a consecutive throw, but this time an asymmetrical throw.

After relaxing awhile, Moustafina performs leg up pivots to stop at a front legmount. Considering her beautifully presentation, she must worked hard on the pivots. Quickly, she releases a club again, does a double illusion to catch it. This is immediately followed by a walkover.

The clubs routine’s conclusion is beautiful. Placing the clubs down on the carpet, Moustafina retrieves them when she executes a scale balance. She tap the clubs together behind her legs (like what Zaripova did) and finally perform a back catch balance to end.

Moustafina had an incredible time with this routine.


Ole Guapa

Major scores

Goodwill: 9.768
Grand Prix Finale: 10.000 - 3rd
Video of Zaripova.com
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