1993-1994 Hoop Routine

Maria Petrova Collection

Maria Petrova: attitude spin

The queen of Rhythmic Gymnastics has once again shown the world her majesty and splendor with this hoop routine. It is one of the toughest routines ever composed in the RSG history and assures the audience thrill and excitement, holding their breath up to the last second. No wonder during that competition season, she is the well-deserved unchallenged Queen, winning bags of gold.

Petrova starts with a tight kneeling position, with the held hoop supported on her hips. As the creepy and mysterious music passage enters, Petrova rises up to execute a double attitude spin while holding her hoop above her head. Next, she displays her emotions together with dexterity according to the rhythm. As the music hints a forthcoming powerful theme, Petrova rotates the hoop round her hands and gives a throw. After a turning split leap, she artfully catches it in a back flexion, transferring the hoop under her body immediately after.

A consecutive spectacular toss follows suit. She throws the hoop horizontally, effecting a roll and instantaneously a “Ralenkova” (gosh!) to grasp the hoop. This is indeed an artful yet tricky combination. She continues with beautiful pirouettes, moreover holding herself on the attitude balance as she performs a large roll of the hoop. As the tune is abruptly interrupted with two heavy lines, Petrova performs two lightning quick successive rolls. Her third large throw is risky and exciting as well. She flings the hoop high up, performs two split leaps across the floor and another roll to catch the hoop vertically between her legs.

As the exciting and expressive main theme of “O Fortuna” breaks forth into singing, the crowd claps rhythmically to the beat. Petrova exhibits balances and dexterity, rotating the hoop. A few risky elements follow suit, for example a split ring leap through the hoop and double stag ring leap. Without further ado, she performs another throw, making an illusion turn and rotating the hoop on her right leg after catching. Pretty impressive. Subsequently, she performs a careful balance, slowing advancing lifts up her leg for a legmount and lifts it down later with the hoop.

Towards the conclusion, Petrova executes a retro roll of the hoop, performs a Sissone jump (unclear) and supports her leg on the hoop. She finally ends off her dramatic routine with double Arabesque pivots as the music closes to an end.

Being a breathtaking routine, it promises anticipation, thrill, exhilaration and last but not least, delight. Watch it and be awed.

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O Fortuna, Carmina Burana

Major scores:

1993 Medico Cup: 9.425 - 1st
European Cup: 9.800 - 1st
Worlds: 9.825 - 1st
1994 Gym. Masters: 9.350 - 6th
Europeans: 9.712 - 2nd
Worlds: 9.875 - 1st
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