2001 Hoop Routine

Simona Peycheva Collection

One of the most common routines (soon before it becomes immensely rare) to download in the internet, Peycheva’s hoop routine is unquestionably a must to watch. Her name oddly reminds me of Simona Amanar, but her moves resemble Teodara’s.

In the new 2001 COP, we see the tremendous increase in the difficulty of routines, Peycheva too demonstrated her strength against all odds. She commences the routine by turning a flexibility motion 360 degress. (F2107) Following it, she throws the hoop, bends down into an MG kick to catch the apparatus. Indeed an ingenious combination. As the strong beat of the music sounded, Peycheva follows it closely and executes a half turn of body in a stag leap position and continues with a single reverse illusion turn. (not quite beautiful though) Subsequently, she spins the hoop around her legs quickly while showing some hands’ motions. Though easy, this tiny move suits her perfectly. (Look at her stunning body line) She performs her second large throw, displaying two split leaps with deep arch and catches the hoop. As the mysterious music seems to create more effects, Peycheva does a triple combination: 720 degrees pivot turn (P1101) into a illusion turn through the hoop and then half trunk to a double stag ring leap.

The theme of the music now emerges. She performs a third throw, (an interesting one), where she does a full turn and catches the hoop by her leg after turning a half body trunk into a double stag leap position. As the top line of the music sings, Peycheva makes a 360 degrees vertical balance (F2104 I suppose) Later she does a one turning split leap and a turning ring leap (as the hoop goes through her bottom) One creative move that she displays afterward is the turning of hoop twice round her right leg while performing a penche balance.

Then comes a spectacular move. She throws the hoop, does a single illusion turn and a walkover and catches the hoop by bending her back. I seldom see rhythmic gymnasts doing this before. Not wanting to slow down, she performs yet another triple combination: a P1302 double pivot, a vertical pivot (Yes! With the hoop on the tip of her foot), and then a reverse illusion. Following that, Peycheva makes a triple combination again: two turning double stag leaps, and then a large roll over her body during a double stag leap. Of course she leaves her largest throw of all at the end of the routine… a triple roll! The music accompanied really create a thrilling effect here. She ends the strenuous routine with a flexibility move.

Considering the HIGH technical value and good handling of the hoop, this brilliant is undeniably one of Simona’s favourite routines. Nevertheless, the lack of originality symbolizes a loss 1 point in the routine. Though the routine lacks originality and perhaps artistry as compared to <2001 routines, it promises to be interesting and pleasant to watch.

© Tom Theobald


Square Pusher

Major scores:

2001 Deriugina Cup: 25.350 - 6th
2001 European: 26.350 - 6th
2001 Goodwill Games: 27.300 - 3rd
2001 World Cup: 27.383 - 4th
2001 Corbeil-Essonnes: 6th AA
2001 Worlds: 26.125 - 3rd
Videos: - Euros - Goodwill -
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