1999-2000 Ball Routine

Yulia Raskina Collection

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Many things cannot be merely expressed by words. routine is a fine example. It is thrilling and yet deviously fun. A routine packed with solid moves, and also beautiful poses. Some deem the routine as a childish one, while most other truly take pleasure in watching it. Anyone who is familiar with this routine must agree that it a refreshing piece of work.

The music is also a very successful choice. It has wide dynamic contrast, starting very loudly and slowly resolves into a soft and catchy tune before returning back to its majestic character. The melody is more of a Russian style, but is appealing to everyone.

Raskina’s starting pose is very innovative and interesting, requiring balance and perhaps some back flexibility. The ball is tucked strategically under her front leg, so that when she opens up into a Chinese split later, it rolls simultaneously. Next, Raskina employs an interesting move. She uses her hand wrists as supports, and quickly opens up her leg above to form an acrobatic split leap (very nice, used by the Belorussian group as well) and then half turns her body as she falls onto a floor with a Chinese split. Bouncing the ball, she grabs it as she stands into a side back flexion. It is wonderfully executed.

After some posings and “wild stamping” that go with the vicious music, Raskina tosses the ball for a first large throw. She tosses as she does an arching double stag leap. Upon catching, she continues with a front legmount balance (very nice too). I love her next few little touches, displaying dexterity and playfully making use of the music. Of course, she will not forget to add up her difficulty with difficult pivots. Subsequently, she does a toe balance into a full back flexion pivot. Raskina continues with her favourite pivot sequence. She performs leg up pivots immediately into an arched double stag jump.

When the theme reappears in a lower pitch, Raskina tosses the ball again. This time, she executes a turning split leap and traps the ball under her legs. This is followed by more beautiful touches to the routine.

Here, the soft but clear melodious tune begins. Raskina artfully opens with her powerful attitude spins into deep lunge (P). One creative and fantastic combination employed here is worth looking too. Raskina does a roll of the ball across her right arm as she bends down to form a back flexion on knee. Smoothly, she does a cartwheel variation to stop at a beautiful flexibility move (F1202). Getting up, Raskina performs a legmount into back flexion, clutching the ball tightly on her back.

As the loud music reappears, Raskina tosses the ball for a third throw. After an arching easy split ring leap, she catches the ball safely in her hands. The routine concludes as the music draws up with a huge glissando. Raskina tosses the ball a final time, does a difficult back walkover variation (somewhat resembles Lukyanenko’s trademark back bend) and tucks the falling ball with her elbow. Not to mention, her ending position is as usual stunning.

Raskina has been considerably successful with this routine, bagging numerous medals internationally. Such a world-class fascinating routine will never be forgotten.



Major scores:

1999 Europeans: 9.683 - 8th
Gym Masters: 9.950 - 3rd
Deventer: 9.984 - 2nd
Worlds: 9.958 - 2nd
2000 Europeans: 10.000 - 2nd
Deventer: 10.000 - 2nd
Olympics AA: 9.933 - 2nd
World Cup Finals: 9.775 - 3rd
- 99 Korneuberg -
- Gazprom GP -
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