2000 Rope Routine

Yulia Raskina Collection

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Who says that rope routines are the hardest to compose and articulate?

Raskina’s 2000 rope routine is deviously fun! Not only is it my favourite Raskina’s routine, but also in terms of choreography, is a Belarussian style masterpiece that uses a cheerful theme. Raskina’s technique is as usual superb, clearly seen difficult moves (eg. her pirouette combination). Her execution is good, and normally very clean. These elements do help to form a “magnum opus”!

Many of the audience do look into the background music quite deeply, often over-emphasized that it is more important than one’s techniques and artistry. The music is still however important to appeal to the judges. The cheerful and folk music applied here is definitely a success.

As usual, Raskina’s starting position is very attractive. Here, she places the rope straight and make a different pose. (rather awkward to me) She begins with some good rope dexterity, fold together and quickly releasing it etc. Opening up the rope, she tucks it strategically on her leg thigh and does an excellent pénche balance. Furthermore, she manages to make small rotations on the rope end! (small bonuses) Getting up, she forms another pattern with the rope and stands at a leg up balance.

At the repetition of the theme, Raskina makes a first large throw. She releases the rope without a knot, opens a nice arched split ring leap and catches both ends easily. Subsequently, she displays her spectcular double leg up pivots here. Raskina always completes so easily and perfectly, seldom falling short. Raskina ends the phrase with a vertical balance.

The next phrase marks another series of difficult moves. After a few dance steps to join the music, Raskina performs a challenging combination. She performs a double leg up pivot and stops at a Timochenko balance. It is tricky and tough but besides falling short in the Olympics finals, Raskina manages it well. The audiences like to clap with her simultaneously here as she swings the rope, skipping away.

Next, there is a move that I am truly impressed because it blends certainly well with the apparatus. Raskina strategically wraps the rope round her legs and allow it to unwrap naturally as she executes her common back flexion pivot. As the rope returns untangled on both hands, Raskina jumps through it with an arching double stag leap.

After a little drama and dancing part (very nice), Raskina does a beautiful vertical toe balance with her hands forming a right angle. The more impressive part is how she creates patterns with the rope at the same time. It is a combination of technique and dexterity.

Raskina reaches an edge of the carpet after a few interesting skipping variations. There, she performs her excellent attitude spins (double/triple) with landing of knee. Her attitude pivots in my opinion the best of all! After a double stag leap jump through the rope, Raskina holds the rope while trapping it on her right leg. Then confidently, she lifts her free leg (right) to form a vertical spagat. The rope when released falls round the leg and Raskina drops to a Timochenko balance.

At the final part, the music reaches its climax with an exciting mood. Raskina throws the rope again, this time performs a switch split leap and catches the rope on her knee. The last throw captures the most impression. As the glissando of the music begins, Raskina artfully does a triple roll throw. The routine ends at this high climax.                              

While one watches this routine, it is interesting to look into the Belarussian style. It is really unique and very engaging! The music repeats itself but never seem boring to me.

However, I still feel that this routine won’t deserve a full 10, perhaps a 9.95. when done well. Somehow, Kabaeva’s routines have a higher level than Raskina. That is probably why Raskina is not known to be the forever-silver medallist for nothing.



Major scores:

2000 Europeans: 9.966 - 5th
Gazprom GP: 9.925 - 3rd
Deventer: 9.967 - 3rd
Olympics AA: 9.908 - 2nd AA
World Cup Finals: 9.725 - 3rd
- Olympics -
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