1997-1998 Clubs Routine

Edita Schaufler Collection

Schaufler’s 97-98 Clubs Routine is the first routine I have seen from her in 1997, but from her elegance, flexibility and beautiful pivots shown, I am really impressed and know she has great potential in the future. True enough, she is always remembered as the best German rhythmic gymnast after that.

At the start of the clubs routine, Edita gives a small throw, catching the clubs in a back scale position, full of precision and balance. She makes a 360 degrees pénche pivot (rated E now). Some difficult yet well-controlled pivots and balances followed suit. For example, the combination of leg up pivots into a passe pivot and also the vertical spagat with her hands circling the clubs.

Next Schaufler executes some common small tosses and leaps like turning split leap with a deep arch. As the theme of the music comes in at higher volume, she perform her trademark move: the Schaufler pirouettes into another pivots. She further thrills everyone with another 4 x 360 degrees attitude pivot. Subsequently (after some pauses), Edita performs her first large throw, doing a split leap with a deep arch and then switches the clubs before catching. As for ending, she chooses to perform her favourite Schaufler pirouettes, well-controlled and ends in a split position.

It is wise of Schaufler to choose slow tango music because she can display her elegance and introduce dance elements well.

Some may argue that this routine is not the most spectacular one, but at least it is enough to show the world Schaulfer’s capabilities.

© Barny Thierolf

Tango Bolero

Major scores:

1997 German Champ: 9.733 - 1st
 1997 Grand Prix: 4 x Finalist
1997 Europeans: 9.867 - 8th
1997 Worlds: 9.816 - 6th
1998 Grand Prix: 3 x Finalist
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