1998-2000 Hoop Routine

Teodora Alexandrova Collection

In this routine, Teodara fully displays her fleetness, her dexterity and portrays her character. The music, entitled “Marta’s Dance” from Riverdance, is certainly a perfect choice for rhythmic gymnastics routines. Note that the ‘rap’ feeling of the music helps to build up the atmosphere as well as provides a strong rhythm for Teodara.

As the routine starts, Teodara, accompanied with the eloquent harmony, performs an Arabesque while the hoop spins round her right foot. She catches the hoop with an illusion turn. Early from the start of the routine, she has cleverly made use of the hoop to turn into an original element. Next she expresses herself emotionally, doing some pivots and sliding the hoop across her shoulder. She plays around with the hoop, displaying flexibility and creates stunning patterns that really add up to the presentation.

As the music brightens, Teodara displays her difficulty meticulously. First, she does her trademark combination: using her left foot to rotate the hoop vertically in a vertical split and releasing the hoop, catching it after a roll. When the lively music begins, Teodara’s face breaks into a broad smile. She jumps through the hoop twice, the second time in a double stag leap position. All these lovely little touches do create magnitude to the routine essentially. Teodara subsequently throws the hoop up, executes a slip leap and a side split leap and catches the hoop with ease. (also one of her familiar combinations)

Next comes a spectacular move. She places the hoop on her left foot and does some pirouettes. I deem it as quite an original and fascinating move. Following that, Teodara does her eye-catching move – the triple illusion turn. Note that she is using the hoop, which means it is really challenging for her to fully execute a triple and catches the hoop. I must agree that this move is highly commendable.

Whilst I look at her routine, thrilled and fascinated, I see beautiful pirouettes. It is interesting to note that Teodara can perform more pivots that most other top gymnasts. Teodara releases the hoop for the next time and jumps through the hoop with a double stag leap with a deep arch after catching the hoop. However, she continues her brisk routine with more(!) pirouettes and artfully making full use of the hoop. She performs two more throws (yes, oh gosh!), including one in which she jumps through the hoop skillfully in a Carpe position. Just when one supposed her throws are more than sufficient, Teodara gives her final spectacular throw, one that impresses me. She throw the hoop, performs a cartwheel (as in a.g.), does a double roll and catches the hoop with her legs. The routine thus ends, leaving everyone spellbound by her magical throw.

If truth be told, this routine leaves an indelible impression in my mind. The routine is commendable for its choreography and the great choice of music. (Sigh, gymnasts now seldom follow their music closely) If Teodara can perform more vertical pivots, I am certain this routine will be priceless.

© Tom Theobald


Marta's Dance

Major scores:

1998 European: 9.900 - 8th AA
1998 Julieta Shishmanova Cup: 1st
1999 World: *9.650 - 8th AA
2000 Europeans: 9.900 - AA
2000 Corbeil-Essonnes: ? - ?
Vid Cap
*she makes a mistake

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