1997 Hoop Routine

Teodora Alexandrova Collection

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Teodora 99 popular hoop routine is definitely one of the greatest 1997-2000 routines, but let’s look at an even earlier routine – 1997 Hoop Routine. Most may not be familiar with this routine (or overlook it), but it is similarly an energetic and spectacular performance one must not miss.

The background music “Vamos a bailar” is a popular choice, being used by Batyrchina for ribbon exercise the same year. It is sprightly and well suited to her personality. The wide smile on her face during the exercise tells us that she too loves the music.

Meanwhile, the most special thing about this hoop performance is the high risk that Teodora takes. There are many consecutive throws, including some with an immediate throw after one throw. There are of course her famous beautiful pirouettes. The routine is definitely choreographed nicely to suit her personality. I must say it is another Bulgarian success.

Teodora stands at the edge of the carpet and at the start of the music, transfers the hoop from her left hand to her right hand before leaping diagonally across the carpet (a split leap through the hoop). Next, she does a large roll of the hoop in a front legmount. Very quickly, Teodora tosses the hoop horizontally, and upon catching it jumps through the hoop in a Carpe position. She has reached the other edge of the mat.

After frolicking with the hoop, Teodora performs her beautiful pirouettes. First, she performs 3 x 360° lunge pivots, stopping at an Arabesque before turning her long passé pivots. Of course, not to be mentioned, the combination is difficult to complete and execute well=). She continues with her usual movements in the hoop routine: putting the hoop on supporting leg, rotating it when she stops at the scale balance, before releasing the hoop and catching it after a roll finally. There are many marvelous, little touches in the routine that make it so interesting and energetic. For example, her consecutive throw, doing a double turn, and then a passé pivot or a wave action upon catching. Subsequently, Teodora presents the audience with more pirouettes. She does a 2 x 360° front arabesque (or maybe a flex. move) into a 5 x 360° attitude spins, stopping at the attitude balance. The pirouettes are beautiful because of the well handling of the hoop and perfect control on the attitude pivots.

Subsequently, Teodora tosses the hoop along the edge of the carpet, performing a split leap plus a side split leap to catch it. She shows her momentum when she throws the hoop immediately, catching after some turns. Of course, fans familiar with her routine know that she commonly uses this toss. She astonishes the audiences and judges further with another toss. This time, a really loft throw at an extraordinary height, so much so that after a double illusion turn, Teodora is able to wait and do an immediate throw (passé pivots).

After the amazing stunts and tosses are over, the music calms down slightly. A back flexion (transferring hoop simultaneously) and well-executed attitude spins follow suit.

The hoop goes across the hoop, circling and swinging. Teodora tosses the hoop again! But this time, she executes a common turning split leap, and upon catching effect arabesque and passé pivots. Teodora is certainly confident in order to complete these combination moves nicely. She continues to charm everyone with refreshing stunts, no matter good or bad. (including a back flexion, rotating the hoop on supporting leg)

Coming to the conclusion, Teodora effects a retro roll on the hoop, smoothly doing a Cossack jump over the hoop. Here she releases the hoop horizontally, catching it on an arching double stag leap before ending the fabulous routine with passé pivots.

The audiences support the routine so much so that many cheer and woo her during the actual performances.

Teodora narrowly missed the bronze final for the hoop finals in Berlin Worlds by a mere 0.009 to Serrano. Perhaps it was her execution and slightly lack of diversification that marked her down. Nonetheless, Teodora is truly a great Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast!

© Stefan Richter


Vamos a Bailar

Major scores:

Thiais Inter.: 19.075 - 2nd
Worlds Finals: 9.941 - 4th
Vid Cap

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