1998-1999 Riboon Routine

Teodora Alexandrova Collection

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Teodara’s 98-99 Ribbon Routine boasts a variety of difficult rhythmic jumps and pivots, never bringing to a standstill for a single second. What is great about this ribbon routine is that while executing her actions, she is totally absorbed to the music and fully expresses her emotions – something other gymnasts are seriously deficient in.

As the gloomy and mysterious music slowly uncovers at the start of the routine, Teodara effects a basic pivot sequence of six passe pivots. After which she artfully repeats the same sequence with four turns, this time with the tip of the ribbon released. As the music is undergoing modulation, she executes a pénche balance that changes into a toe balance after which, while keeping that ribbon in constant motion. (one typical Elena’s move, remember?) When the music reaches its new key, Teodara begins circling the ribbon, waving out striking patterns.

I especially love her following leaps and jumps, so lofty and well-defined. Note one interesting triple combination Teodara employs. She does a triple passe pivots (1101) that transforms into an Arabesque before standing in a toe balance position. Following to the rhythm of the music closely, she performs some interesting jumps that adds to the atmosphere of the music. As the music finally reaches its climax, Teodara leashes out her daring triple illusion but catches the ribbon effortlessly. She has displayed an incredible move. While the audience are thrown to excitement, Teodara effects two other unbelievable throws (oh gosh), one comprising of a split leap into a roll and the other an immediate sequence of 180o turn into a side split leap. When the routine ends, it leaves the thrilled audience wide eyes open.

With the complexity, variety, as well as the expressiveness in the routine, it is undeniably a crowd favourite.  However, despite the crowd’s esthetic response, the insensitive judges are blind to reality and harshly mark down on the routine. Nevertheless, I personally feel that the routine has a minute weakness: it lacks original tosses and sequences (except perhaps the triple illusion?).

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Theme from Un héro trés discret

Major scores:

1998 European: 9.900 - 8th AA
1999 World: 9.891 - 8th AA
Vid Cap

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