1994 Ball Routine by © Emi Martin

Elena Vitrichenko Collection

Beautiful bodyline

Apart from being an excellent routine, this exercise is extra especial because Elena got her world title with it at the 1994 World Championships held in Paris. Under the classic piece Bach's "Toccata and Fugue", Elena displayed all her conditions and incredible mastery with the ball. The starting position is simple but majestic, then Elena effected a very risky throw, she did an illusion turn and caught the ball in a back-bend.

Elena would be involved in each part of the music and with both elegance and strength executed many good elements and also demonstrated her equally magnificent ball technique with both hands; for example, doing a throw in which she would throw with the left hand during a split leap and catching the ball between the shoulders; very difficult nd risky! but always perfectly executed by Elena!

The next is a penché balance but letting the ball roll along the raised leg, back and arm before completing the spagat position.
Elena did also nice ball bearings moving along the carpet as the tunes of music accompanied her and her stunning interpretation, ending this slow part of the routine with a superb assisted split turn combined with her beautiful attitude spin.

Still, another demonstration of leaping work with turning split leaps  and a great catch with the legs after effecting an illusion turn. Continually following the rhythm, elegant arm movements that truly suited such a dramatic interpretation were also an important part of the exercise.

In the last second of the routine Elena carried out some more throws and jumps combination, in one she threw the ball during the chassé and grabbed it with her left hand while effecting a double stag jump; after that Elena effected a perfect triple passé spin and ended the routine with the last interesting throw and appropriate final position.

Has anybody found a better routine among all the numerous ball exercises under  Bach's "Toccata and Fugue" seen in Rhythmic Gymnastics? I bet you didn't.

What a memorable ball routine, it's a piece of art...


Toccata & Fugue in D min

Major scores

Gym Masters: 9.600 - 3rd
European: 9.600 - 5th
Worlds: 9.875 - 1st
Vid Cap

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