1991 Clubs Routine

Elena Vitrichenko Collection

Starting position  

Whenever this routine is demonstrated, the crowd goes wild, cheering and applauding loudly for Elena. The atmosphere is definitely unforgettable. Elena’s clubs routine shows her maturity as a junior, displaying high difficulty and good execution. Though she may be trying her elements only, she scores for this routine.

The delightful music she employs is beyond doubt one of the best choices: a nice theme with the beating of rhythms. No wonder everyone seems to be so engrossed by her magical routine.

Vitrichenko commences the routine by juggling the clubs in a balance position, catching a club after juggling under her leg when she kneels down. As the theme of the music appears, the audience claps to the rhythm as Elena performs. One spectacular small throw (or rather a trademark of hers) displayed here is an illusion turn to catch a club. She swiftly throws both clubs, performing a turning split leap before catching them. The two consecutive throws are creditable.

After passing the clubs awhile, Elena executes a front legmount, followed by another trademark throw. She throws her right clubs, kneels down and performs a body wave to catch the club. Her clever use of both clubs here illustrated her dexterity.

At this juncture, the background music slows down its tempo as it reaches the second section. Here Elena executes a signature balance, displaying her dexterity again as she slides the club down her back. Meanwhile, the other club, which has been placed on her right foot during the balance, slides down as she performs a back flexion. What an artful combination! Stopping here, Elena mills the clubs, performing passé pivots. A vertical spagat follows suit while she creates variety uses of the clubs.

Subsequently, Elena displays her difficulty with her next throw into a double illusion turn. Not to be outdone, she performs a perfect pénche balance while milling the clubs.

When the lively and vivid music reappears, Elena leaps and does a front legmount, matching the music well. Her next large throw is impressive: she throws, executes an arching split leap and catches the club on her back! I am absolutely sure that good precision is required to complete it. To end off, Elena performs another difficult asymmetrical throw, making an illusion turn to catching the clubs.

Elena’s efforts finally paid off when she was rightfully awarded the prestigious “European Junior Championships Gold” for the clubs apparatus. This is unquestionably a “must watch” routine.


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Major scores

 Junior Europeans: 9.725 - 1st
Vid Cap

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