2000 Flower Club Exhibition

Elena Vitrichenko Collection

A routine oozing with fabulous elegance, Vitrichenko’s Exhibition club routine definitely thrills many.

Starting off with her hands cupped over her legs, with the club tucked artfully between her legs, Vitrichenko does a series of body bridges whilst the club slides softly downwards.  As the tone of the music brightens, she kicks the club, catches it and executes body waves and other aesthetic movements.  Note the role of the club while Vitrichenko performs these moves.  It is employed as a theatre tool to create lovely visual effects—something other professional gymnasts seriously lacked. 

Next, she does an impressive backroll, her feet setting off a crafty kick that sends the clb into mid air.  With precision she caught it, before placing it yet on her legs, executes a stationary backarch, kicks and catches the club for the third time.

With a perfectly controlled body wave, she rose, executed a back throw.  The later moves were signature elements of rhythmic routines: throw, catching it after a double stag jump and another throw, followed by a split leap with full back deep arch and another back arch before catching the apparatus.

With great theatrical flair, she balances the club at the turf of her neck and does an elementary side body wave.  Again another throw, after a series of sliding actions (of the club along the wave line of her hand) and pirouettes.  Elena cartwheels without hesitation, caught the club, punches in a fourth “kick club ‘n catch” move, side splits, performs a combination pivot, before concluding this seamlessly elegant routine of a bridging wave and a flexibility move: her left leg arched over her body and head and the club balanced on the left toes.

A pleasure to watch and a fitting way to end a sparkling career.


One Man's Dream


Deventer Cup 2000
her final routine...
(no longer available)
Vid Cap

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