1996 Rope Routine

Elena Vitrichenko Collection

Good rope routines are getting immensely rare.  In this light, it becomes a neatly folded rope from her leg to her hand.  Almost immediately, she performed a balance on left leg, as her right leg was lifted to a flexed position beyond 90 degree.  The rope dutifully coiled around her left leg whilst the entire motion was swiftly effected.  Flexibility and control, clearly demonstrated in this series action, will follow suit as the routine unfold.

Next, Vitrichenko did a skipping combination.  The variety of step patterns and rapid changes from scissors to backward skipping and to forward skipping leaves the audience breathless.  As the pulsating music thumps on, Elena executed her classic move:  the rope swiveling around her lifted leg as she did her balance.  Again, great skill and flexibility is employed. 

Vitrichenko's later open rope swing in wheel plane, followed quickly by a sequence of leap and pivots, matched seamlessly with the beat of the modern piece "Sing, Sing, Sing".  Circling the rope backwards, she then threw the rope and unleashed one of the riskiest movement in RSG - the Ralenkova.  The Ralenkova requires strength of a single hand support, the elasticity and full extension of the limbs-- qualities that Elena possessed and unabashedly demonstrated.  Catching the rope deftly with one hand, Elena threw in a yet another row of small hops and cross skipping.  The choreography is definitely original and perfect, fitting the sprightly mood of the backdrop music beautifully.

I must admit that Elena's next move is incredible-- and boy, I do mean incredible.  She did a chain of  triple split leaps through the rope, and the last leap (gasp) even included a back bend and back arch.  Several critics have expressed surprised awe at her high elevation, prodigious amplitude and long flight time.  Best of all, Vitrichenko executed the gravity defying moves with such ease and beauty.  Special mention should be credited.

A switch split jump, half spirals with the rope, and a trademark side jump etc. followed suit.  As the piece accelerated, her motions sped up.  Be it the leaps or the wave, Elena's rendering was flowing with absolute grace and control.  Her double-illusion cum single-hand catch was yet another perplexing move, and so was her cart-wheel chosen to end this gorgeously superb routine.

In short, Elena's rope routine defines what is meant as avant-grade when it comes to RSG.  Clean execution, perfect choice of music and multiple fists of risk thrown in,  her '96 rope routine, albeit an unfair low score,  is definitely a lovely display of RSG at its prime.


Sing, sing, sing

Major scores:

Olympic: 9.866 - 3rd
Europeans: 9.900 - 3rd
Kalamata: 9.950 - 1st
Opale: 9.900 - 1st
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