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The Rhythmic Gymnastics Routine Review Collection Page is a web page designed to introduce rhythmic techniques and promote artistic appreciation for this lovely sport through the systematic examination of popular routines.

The history of rhythmic gymnastics dates back to the 1960s.  Since then, "the world's most beautiful sport" has proliferated, spawning new exciting moves and groomed elegant international gymnasts.  Highlights of this page (besides routine reviews) includes brief but vital background information on famous RSG personalities, such as Vitrichenko, Petrova, Kabayeva etc, so as to help increase awareness, thus the appreciation for the sport.

Feel free to browse the following pages.  Immerse yourself in the wondrous splendor rhythmic gymnastics can offer you.  Be awed.  Be impressed. Welcome to the world of rhythmic gymnastics.

Contact the webmaster for any broken links. We certainly need your kind help.

Original photo right: Dirk Zimmerman (Winning photo)