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Alina Kabaeva - 98 Hoop

 Elena Vitrichenko - 99 Ribbon

Elena Vitrichenko - 99 Rope

Goodwill Games, New York
Size: 2.52 MB
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Alfred Vogel Cup, Deventer
Size: 7.49 MB
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Aeon Cup, Tokyo
Size: 6.65 MB
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Some files available from:
Robert Smith
Melissa Haslam


Elena Vitrichenko 2000 Flower Club Exhibition
Meet: Deventer Cup
Video quality: 7
Music: One Man's Dream
Size: 5.28 MB
Creator: Robert Smith
Special: Routine Report

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The picture is taken from Olympics 2000, NOT 1998 Goodwill Games

Alina Kabaeva 1998 Hoop Routine
Meet: Goodwill Games
Title: Gold Medal
Video quality: 6
Music: Cafe del Mar
Size: 2.52Mb (real player file)
Creator: Melissa Haslam
Special: Routine Report

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This picture is adapted from Tom Theobald. It is from Aeon Cup, not from Moscow Grand Prix Olga Belova 2000 Ball Routine
Meet: Gazprom Grand Prix
Title: AA - 9.837
Video quality: 9
Music: Ave Maria
Size: 4.55 MB (real player file)
Creator: D. Thomas (download available now)
Special: Routine Report

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