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Hot Picks (2002 Apr - 2002 May)

Go discover Marta's Gym.

Video Files and Mp3s of RG Routines are available there.

Marta's Gym Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre
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General RSG sites

Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics by Alexandra Kochann

-The server may have shut down, sigh. Else, an excellent website complete with a RSG archives. Kochann has stopped updating it however.

Technical Discussion Page by Mario Lam

-A complete reference on the techniques, code of points of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Should you want to be understand the routines more fully, it will be wise to use this as a cross refernce.

The Rhythms of Rhythmic Gymnastics by Marianne Adams

-An RSG galore! Loads of videos waiting to be downloaded.

Rhythmic Dreams by Marjan Krelbelj

-Good coverage of competitions. Includes a special section about RG photogaphy and drawing.

Inger Marit's Rhythmic Gymnastics Pages by Inger Marit Arnestad

-Great fan pages for Maria Petrova and Larissa Lukyanenko, used to be created by a Norwegian.

Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics by Lido Vinogradna

-Good source of information on ukrainian rhythmic gymnastics, created by the junior champion Lido Vinogradna.

Tazine Gym/RSG pages by Anna Pomathiod

-Webpage with a unique starting page. Features include an overview on rsg as well as a special tribute to Eva Serrano.

Rhythmic Web by Melissa Haslam

-A beautiful website. Wonderful pictures, wallpapers, videos, and even boasts a "Kabaeva" Winamp skin to be downloaded. Highly recommended. 

Planet RSG by Olga Karmansky

-A webpage specially done by Olga Karmansky.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre by Justin Stook

-A pretty updated page. Worth checking out. Videos and music files are available.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Portal
Wallpaper Page by Waldimir Tchuew

-A very neat and friendly webpage. It has both Russian and English versions. The webpage offers quite a huge content and some graphics. Even the links section is impressive.

Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics by Veneta Avramova

-A very detailed profile of the famous Bulgarian personalities in the RSG scene as well as many of the newbies. Good graphics.

Future Stars of RG by Ulrich Schmitt

-This Site is dedicated to young and talented uprising gymnasts. Mainly beautiful photos.

Japanese Gymnastics Association website

-This site houses many videos of major RG competitions in Japan, eg Aeon Cup.

Marta's Gym

- Elegant design. This site has tons of midi files of RG routines!

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