1996 Rope Routine by Emi Martin

Almudena Cid Tostado Collection

In my opinion, Almudena's first medal at a World Championship should have arrived in Budapest '96 as reward for her magnificent performance with rope at that final. Almudena showed incredible mastery and cleanly executed all the difficult elements that composed the routine. Despite being so young, Almudena was one of the strongest competitors and demonstrated that she could be as good as any of Eastern gymnast taking part in the rope final. Yet, she finally placed 4th.

This exercise was so interesting to watch due to the many difficulties that Almudena effected in harmony with the and the risky catches she did even under two rolls, like the finishing one. Besides, there was a nice contrast between the first slow part of the routine, where Almudena would display her excellent balances  and spins most, and the second part which was a sprightlier and allowed to emphasize both the leaping and the expression.

Almudena's most important competition in 1996 was the Olympiad in Atlanta and surely, her performances of this routine together with the clubs ones were the most solid and polished at that important event. Despite being the youngest gymnast at the final, Almudena overcame the pressure and amazed the world with this exercise; as a result of the mastery she'd shown on the carpet Almu was given a mark of 9.700, that supposed the sixth place just after no other than Rhythmic Legend Maria Petrova and only 250 thousands of a point far from the first place.

Although this was Almudena's 1996 rope routine, she also presented it during the beginning of the 1997 competitive season before composing the new 97-98 rope exercise; the routine was amazing then too as changes made it even more beautiful.The new ending was so original and nice that you can see it as background for Almudena's page!

Emi Martin


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Major scores:

Inter Tournament: 9.600 - 5th
Happy Rhythmic Days: 9.775 - 2nd
Europeans: 9.650 - 8th
 Worlds: 9.716 - 4th
Olympics: 9.700 - 6th
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