1996-1997 Ribbon Routine by © Emi Martin

Almudena Cid Tostado Collection


WRONG! In this precious routine both clubs were continually flying in all directions. The music it was choreographed on is "Eclipse" from "Cirque du Soleil", and the different tunes of the music were a great way to demonstrate Elena's perfect control of the clubs and, of course, her magnificent corporal technique.

At the beginning the music is slow and Elena effected a "penché balance" while making "mills" with the clubs and then turned into a "front split balance". After this balance combination there was a tiny pause in the music in which Elena set both clubs properly so as she was able to do her next throw as soon as the music started to be fast; both clubs fly unparalleled in the air and were caught after.

Despite the high difficult of all the throws and catches during the leaps, balances and pirouettes, Elena kept up the interest of the audience until the end with a very risky simultaneous throw in which she carried out two i llusion turns then, she finished the routine almost immediately after grabbing the clubs.

On the left, the picture shows Elena's performance at the 94 Worlds in Paris, she effected this balance in the middle of the exercise when the music became a bit slower.

 © Emi Martin



Major scores

1996 Tournament: 9.650 - 4th
Happy Rhythmic Days: 9.700 - 1st
Olympics AA: 9.566 - 9th
1997 Tournament: 19.400 - 2nd
Worlds: 9.841 - 7th
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