2000 Ball Routine

Yulia Barsoukova Collection

Barsoukova’s ball routines have always been a display of beauty, elegance and artistry, one that relieves stress and comfort one’s feelings. Her 2000 ball routine is the best routine ever choreographed in the RG history in most people’s opinion. Barsoukova’s balletic movements certainly resemble a swan, and her deep emotions touch our hearts deeply.

Barsoukova begins the routine with some leg shufflings that resemble a swan. She launches her first vertical balance with the ball placed above her neck into a toe. Her beautiful hand movements, again, remind me of a swan flapping its wings. Next, she performs a double attitude spin into an illusion turn. She continues with a large roll of the ball across in a well-controlled vertical balance position, followed by an easy throw: a complete arching split leap before a clean catch.

Subsequently, she employs a spectacular combination is the back scale that lands on the mat, displaying her high flexibility. Following that is one of her trademarks. She hold the ball with her legs, executes a back roll to transform into another flexibility position and finally releases the ball hung on to her right leg. Another interesting element is also displayed here. Barsoukova holds the ball on her leg as she stands up, and allows it to roll down the body in a scale balance position (now termed F3302). Her elegance illustrated here truly impresses me. A double vertical pivot and a Russian Cossack jump, both sharp and precise, followed suit. She also performs an unassisted vertical pivot and lands in a vertical balance position. (but I prefer her control in 1996)

Two consecutive throws followed suit. Firstly, she executes a large throw, performing a arching split leap and catches the ball in a double stag leap position. Her second throw is considerably her trademark, throwing the ball and advancing swiftly into a back catch balance, finally catching the ball on her back.

Towards the conclusion, the tension in the stadium is growing. Barsoukova is about to perform her risky element. She executes a vertical balance and carefully rests the ball on her leg and pivots a full 360 degrees and ends the routine in the vertical split position, leaving the audience spellbound.

The leotard she chose for this routine are undeniably fabulous, especially the one she used in the Olympic finals. They are definitely worth to look out for.

As the melodious and soothing music floats in the stadium, I listen, as if the music could have no ending. The audiences listen, motionless and still, till the music bore no more in their hearts…


The Swan by Saint-Saëns

Major scores:

Olympics: 9.916 - 1st
Europeans: 10.000 - 3rd
Deventer: 10.000 - 1st
World Cup Final: 9.837 - 2nd
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