1991 Clubs Routine

Maria Petrova Collection


I simply love the music used for this routine, full of vigor and sparkle. It brings joy to the audiences and even the judges.

Frolicking with clubs at the start of the routine together with the constantly drumming from the background music, Petrova promises a lively routine. She throws a club straight after, turning twice to catch it in a back flexion. Some tiny touches with clubs displayed by Petrova are really cute, even the scale balance looks so easy instead.

Next, she mills the clubs, shaking her butts, and transferring clubs around. Take note of her expressions here. They look so real and so happy! Walking down to a side of the mat, she frolics with the club closely to the music. There, she performs a good toe balance.

As the music modulates slightly, she releases a club, turns twice to catch it and releases the second club simultaneously as another throw. Kind of interesting.

Subsequently, she raises her leg to form a not-so-good toe vertical balance, bouncing few times with the rhythms of the music. She continues with a big throw, turning an illusion turn to rush forward to catch the club before repeating the same throw immediately, but a small one this time. Here, she performs a perfect triple arabesque pivot, balancing finally on a front attitude position.

As the main theme of the lively music appears, Petrova shows her difficulty. Firstly, she performs a large throw of a club, then a split leap into a roll before catching it. A few pivots and turning split leaps followed suit. She also displays dexterity here as she rotates the club over her right leg twice. It is fascinating and appealing.

Her next throw is certainly spectacular, and I mean it. She releases both clubs, leaps a half turn into a split leap and on landing, and rolls once to catch her apparatus. Not to be outdone, she concludes her routine by releasing a club the last time, rolls twice to catch it.

While some seem to deem this routine as a childish one, I strong believe that it is a cleverly choreographed, interesting and lively routine. Perhaps the routine does not have the difficulty nowadays and the leaps and elements are not as sharp, it is worthy to watch it if you are looking out for enjoyment. But, warning: this routine is NOT for serious people.


Tomīs Diner by  Suzanne Vega

Major scores:

1991 Worlds: 9.600 - 4th
Vid Cap

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