1997-1998 Clubs Routine

Tatiana Popova Collection

Tatiana is not a renowned rhythmic gymnast as compared to her Ukrainian teammates, but her routines are definitely worth a check out, especially her 1997 clubs routine. This is the routine that is by far her most famed and most successful masterpiece that earned her a bronze medal in the 1997 World Championships held in Berlin.

Popova boasts a beautiful opening position. She places the clubs on her chest and lies back in a flexibility pose (somewhat similar to Erofeeva’s 00 hoop). When the sober music begins, she raises her hand (in a way that reminds me of a meander), makes mill circles and gets up via a body wave. She demonstrates some balance elements here, performing a vertical spagat, then a vertical toe into a MG. The following element is her first large throw, in which she catches in a split leap position. She does a double vertical pivot and releases the clubs for a second throw again. This throw is relatively similar to the previous one but she catches in a double stag leap position.

As the music brightens up and the rhythm becomes louder, Popova performs an original move – she bounces a club and does an acrobatic ring kick.  This move is not really difficult, but is considerably spectacular. I notice that she displays quite a bit of emotions that certainly help to bond with the spectators. Subsequently, she performs yet another original move: she does turning split leap and catches the club while doing a pivot. Even the commentator seems to be highly impressed. She executes some excellent pirouettes that are aided by her elasticity. One of her pivots (in a combination) looks original too.

Towards the conclusion, Popova mainly performs big throws. The first one is quite common. She performs a split leap and then an arching double stag leap before catching. It is the last throw combination that is interesting. She throws the clubs at different heights; roll once to catch them and throw both clubs again, doing a roll prior to the catch.

Popova’s clubs routine scores in originality: in terms of choice of music, variety of throws and dexterity. Someone even suggests that she is telling a story with music and movements.

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Children by Robert Miles

Major scores:

1997 Gym. Masters: 2nd
 1997 Worlds: 9.900 - 3rd
1998 Europeans: 6th
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