1991 Ball Routine 

Alexandra Timochenko Collection

Ending position

Timochenko is always known for her unusual, bizarre style of choreography in her routines. To most people, she seems to encompass the strangest choice of music. Nevertheless, her 1991 ball routine is considerably more elegant and expressive. The graceful music, combining artistry and beautiful movements, form an undefeated ball routine.

Timochenko poses an attitude/ring (not sure) balance for her starting position. As the chromatic notes from the background become audible, she executes a fully controlled leg-up pivot (not in reverse) into a back flexion. As two glissandos sounded after that, Timochenko performs two rolls to catch the ball with two hands beyond her head (seen in Vitrichenko’s ball routine too), which rolls down her straight body. Her movements here, combining with the mysterious music, show her artful choreography. She afterward rises up with a flip-up and then a body wave.

As the music sequence repeats, Timochenko performs two beautiful large rolls across her shoulders elegantly. Next comes her most difficult throw – to make an illusion turn and catches the ball on her chest supported by her elbow! The catch is highly difficult and it is a marvel she conquers it. Not to be vanquished, she performs a long pénche balance while bouncing the ball, and then throws the ball up, behind her leg, to catch it in an attitude balance.

As the quiet music begins, moves like the side legmount and attitude spins follow suit as Timochenko plays with the ball. She performs yet another difficult (at that time I suppose) variation throw: an illusion turn to catch the ball between her hand joints (commonly done by Erofeeva). After a vertical spagat, Timochenko executes a variation throw once again, completing an illusion turn and catching the ball in a back scale position. I must confess it is a relatively interesting and tricky catch.

The calm music now changes to a very light and lively one. Timochenko carries out two consecutive throws, in which she complete effortlessly. Subsequently, she performs another throw, doing a double turn to catch the ball in a back scale position. To end off this energetic routine, Timochenko gives her final throw: a Sissone into a roll and catches the ball in a straddle position!

Having shown the many throws used, it ought to be a laudable ball routine that should be remembered!


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Major scores

Gym Masters: 9.700 - 1st
Euro Cup Final: 9.800 - 1st
Worlds: 9.975 - 1st
Vid Cap

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